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1 month ago
The man who does not drink and does not eat meat is incredible!

After reading this sutra, I'm going to quit drinking and eat vegan.

    Excerpt from the "Generous Guang Hua Yan ten Evil Products Sutra":

    Kasyapa Bodhisattva White Buddha said: The Buddha, only the Tathagata for me to explain, do not drink, not meat eaters, how many blessings?

    If someone, like horse cattle and sheep, glass treasures ying Luo, the country city wife, holding with giving, still less than some people can break wine meat, millions not better than one.

    Replacement is a matter, if someone Bechi gold over 3,000 of the world, holding the use of alms, still less than someone can break wine meat, millions less than one.

    The replacement is a matter, if there is the ability to cast gold for hundreds of, holding the use of giving, still less than some people can break wine meat, millions less than one.

    The replacement is a matter, if someone artificial fan Hua Bao lid, all over the 3,000 world, still less than someone can break wine meat, millions.

    The replacement is a matter, if there are man-made large pagoda, eaves eaves, such as rice hemp Bamboo reed, up to Brahma, as someone can break the wine meat, millions less than the first.

    A good man, not a carnivore, an earthly Bodhisattva, is an extraordinary husband.
    Editor's note: The front content can be seen, even if a person who does not learn Buddha, can insist on eating the whole vegetarian, Ford has boundless. Let's all go vegetarian.

All eggs are not edible, there are children also

  Someone asked the people of Xuanhua: "Why can't vegetarians eat eggs?" "

    The venerable Master said, "No Man or woman (a rooster or a hen) can hatch a chicken." The former people do not understand this truth, he said no, and there is no evidence. The man who eats eggs why does he say such a theory? Is that he wants to eat eggs. Eggs, whether or not a rooster will have chicks, will not be born. "Leng Yan Jing" said: "Eggs only want to live." "Above is the words of the master Xuan Hua is absolutely wrong." After the lying of the man in Xuanhua, he burned more than 4,000 relics to show his life not to play half a sentence of Sakyamuni Buddha, the people of Xuanhua, Inguang and Guang Chin all believe that all animals ' sperm eggs cannot be eaten. I hope we know the cause and effect and don't do anything stupid. Don't eat any food that contains eggs. South No Amitabha ~!

  "The Theory of Explicit understanding" cloud: "All eggs are not edible, have a son also".
-"Big is Tibet" 31st volume of page 882.
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